day 1

No, I’m not going to give a daily account of the facebook breakup. But, I did find it interesting how little I actually missed it today. I was a facebook addict. There…I admit it, and that is the first step to recovery. I knew I had a real problem when I found myself in front of the computer checking facebook and simultaneously picking up the iPhone and checking…facebook. That was when I knew I had to end it.

Step 1 was deleting the iPhone app, and Step 2 commenced today when I “deactivated” my account. You see, you can never actually delete a facebook account; you merely deactivate it. It’s a fairly quick process, but does include at least two screens with pictures of your friends and claims that “Sarah will miss you!” Or, “Mike will miss seeing your photos!” I actually hesitated for a moment. I mean, Mike does like looking at my photos. And, Sarah and I haven’t talked in almost 20 years except through facebook. I started to wonder if I was making a mistake in terminating my connections to so many “friends.”

In the end, I was strong. I clicked through all the dire warnings portending the end of my social life as I know it. Only to receive the message that I can log back into the account at any time in the future and reactive it with the click of a button. Comforting, yet…a little creepy, too.

So, I made it through Day 1, and didn’t find myself dying to know who was eating what and where. I did find it slightly inconvenient to send messages to a couple people, as I had to track down actual email addresses instead of just using facebook messaging. But, I’m sure that hassle will diminish as I beef up my iPhone’s address book. So far, I’m happy with the decision. We’ll see how it goes tonight when I can’t complete my nightly ritual of checking in on facebook before bed. I may need an Ambien.


8 responses to “day 1

  1. I’m so proud of you! Hooray for breaking up with FB. I’ve been a much happier girl ever since…you will be too…not a girl, but you know what I mean. 😉

  2. I must admit, I’m still a little bit surprised that you have broken up with FB. AND NO, you cannot use my supply of Ambien 😉

  3. You go girl! Except, as Amanda points out, you’re not becoming (nor are you now) a girl. But…way to go breaking up with the FB monster! You are my HERO. =D

    I don’t have Ambien but I have some other sleeping pills you’re welcome to if you need ’em as your FB withdrawal progresses. LOL

  4. Well, I for one am not happy with your decision. A large part of my Facebook entertainment has now died. Whose arguments am I going to read now? Who is going to harass me and make cat jokes in front of all my cyber friends? It hurts, Hunter, it hurts.

    Um and online dating is totally the same as Facebook – they never really delete your account. In fact, when Yahoo! Personals went under, I made Mr. W log on and take screen captures of his old account page (I did the same) so we could forever remember where we met.

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