thinking of warmer climes

It’s been really cold the last week. Monday, I woke up to a wind chill of -15F, which is really just ridiculous. It’s warming up a little, which means we’ll get some snow this weekend. So, I’m taking some time to look back fondly on a great trip I took this summer.

Col, MPK, Denise, Frank and I traveled to the Moab area. We camped the first night at Dead Horse SP before spending three days/two nights paddling the Green River from Green River SP to Ruby Ranch. Col, MPK and I finished up the trip with a night of camping at Fishers Towers after Denise and Frank headed back to SLC.

Our original plan was to paddle Labyrinth Canyon from Ruby Ranch to Mineral Bottom, but massive rains and flooding took out the road to Mineral Bottom. This is the last take-out until The Confluence, and going there requires a jet boat to get back to Moab, so it was no longer an option. Instead we paddled the relatively slow and mellow upper section of the river. Not as scenic, and a little harder to find campsites, but still a blast.

My kayak all loaded up for the trip.








We left Green River and realized the three days we’d allotted for our original itinerary was going to be far too long. So, we just took it slow…there wasn’t a lot of paddling going on.

Denise and Frank floating down the Green River








As we meandered along the river, we came upon Crystal Geyser. This geyser is the result of a failed test well. The water is ice cold due to the carbon dioxide gas bubbling up. We were lucky enough to see it “erupt,” which is a rare occurrence from what the locals told us.

Crystal Geyser erupting








The water is rich in minerals and leaves some pretty fantastic formations behind as it makes its way into the river.

Mineral deposits from Crystal Geyser








We were fortunate to find some nice campsites near the river. It was not easy, but patience paid off.

Campsite on night 2 along the river








Although…you had to be careful. Camp was full of “locals.”









We had campfires every night. I brought a couple bottles of wine, which traveled well and made for a relaxing evening. Frank had a bottle of whiskey for nightcaps both nights.

Venus rising over our campfire








We finished off our long weekend with a final night at Fisher Towers, about 25 minutes out of Moab. We had a great campsite.

Fisher Towers campsite










The Towers were really beautiful and were surround by desert foliage, including a lot of Juniper.

Juniper and a tower








We’re all looking forward to doing the originally planned stretch of the river (and maybe more) in Summer 2011.

Here is the entire photoset: Green River and Fisher Towers – 2010

Planning this Trip

  • Dead Horse State Park – Great first night camping if you get into Moab in the evening
  • Tag-A-Long Expeditions – Planning advice, shuttle service to put-in and take-out, jet boat reservations, permitting and equipment rental
  • Fisher Towers – Beautiful camping (only 5 spots, first come first serve)
  • Moab Brewery – The only place to finish off any Moab adventures

2 responses to “thinking of warmer climes

  1. One of these days, I’m going to hire you as my adventure guide. And Col can come, too, to capture all the insects.

  2. Hahah, thanks Mel, glad I can come. 😉 I will chase anything you want, as long as you keep me nice and intoxiacated.

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