Working from home has a lot of perks. I don’t have to wake up extra early to get ready. My commute is about 15 feet and takes me 45 seconds. I often joke that it sometimes takes me 60 seconds if there’s a traffic jam with the dogs in the hall.

By far, the biggest perk of working from home is the wardrobe aspect. My wardrobe used to include a lot of business casual and professional attire. “Nice” clothes are more expensive. They require dry cleaning and pressing. They are a pain. At one point I owned at least three suits. My closet now is filled with t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, shorts and various hiking clothing. And, I like it that way. It is a small confirmation to me that I don’t define myself by my job; work is not the center of my world.

There is a small section at the end of my closet rack devoted to my “work” clothes. A few pair of BR slacks, some dress shirts and a couple sweaters. Since I’m only in the office about once per month, I haven’t had to shop for new work clothes very often. Less wear and tear means a longer shelf life.

But during my last trip to the office in CLE for some client meetings I realized something. The people in my office and my clients always see me in the same three or four combinations of pants and shirts. Since they only see me about once per month (and sometimes less than that), and I’m always wearing the same things, do they think I just always look like that?

Jerry Seinfeld had a couple dates with a woman who always wore the same dress. He hypothesized she was a superhero with a closet holding dozens of the exact same outfit. Sometimes I wonder if my clients think I have an unlimited supply of the same shirts and pants. But, mostly I just wonder if they think I’m gross for always wearing the same clothes.


3 responses to “superhero

  1. I wasn’t going to say anything, but……
    No, but I totally know what you mean! I’m in the same boat, but I’ll be damned if I’m buying new clothes.

  2. I love that you referenced Seinfeld!

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