a hint of spring

Mid February around here means Spring makes cameo appearances and teases everyone with warm temperatures and sunshine. Last year at this time we embarked on a backcountry backpacking trip in Zion to entice Spring into sticking around. It didn’t work.

So, this year we took a more civilized approach: rooms at Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon NP. Andy and Staci flew in from LA Friday morning, and we picked them up at the airport, hit the Wasatch Brewery store and headed down to Southern UT.

It was truly a great weekend with temperatures in the high 40s during the day accompanied by sunshine and blue skies.  Andy and I spent Friday night at Sunset Point, and he taught me the ropes of nighttime photography. Never mind the 15 degree temperatures…we had a bottle of peppermint Schnapps and the ability to run in place, do jumping jacks and pushups.

On Saturday we all got up early to greet the sun at Sunrise Point before enjoying a big breakfast at the Inn (thanks Jesse!). After naps we hit the trails and hiked most of the Navajo Loop. We had to improvise, as part of the Loop was closed. Dinner in Panguitch and another nap, and then Andy, Col and I headed out for another night shoot. More beer. More peppermint Schnapps. Lots of good conversation…definitely what trips like this are made for.

We headed out early Sunday after another breakfast at the Inn (thanks Jesse!). We decided to take the back way home, so we took our time driving up SR12 through towns like Canonville, Henryville, Torrey, Bichnell, Loa and Scipio. The constant scenery changes from desert red rock to alpine forests were amazing, and we stopped often for photos. We even squeezed a side trip in to Kodachrome Basin SP.

As Staci put it…we had church in the car. Our sermon was the views. Our communion was granola bars and the promise of beer. And, our fellowship was unforgettable.

Here is the entire photoset: Bryce Canyon weekend – Feb 2011

Planning this Trip


2 responses to “a hint of spring

  1. Amen brotha! Those pictures are beautiful. I would like to order one 2012 calendar of all your best camping trip pictures from 2011 please. 🙂

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