ride, sally, ride

Just when we thought it was safe to go out in the hood again. Sally has resurfaced. And, she’s living in the building. Apparently, “She Who Must Not Be Named” has taken in the stray, and so…the saga continues.

None of us are sure what is going on. But, I do know that I haven’t seen SWMNBN in more than a week. Her blinds are all closed. And, last night Sally spent two hours in the parking lot in the snow shifting things around in SWMNBN’s car. I know this because Amanda and I were on the phone with each other as we watched out our respective windows to see what would happen. I finally got bored and went to bed.

We suspect that as the weather warms up, we’re probably going to notice a bad smell coming from unit #2.


2 responses to “ride, sally, ride

  1. I’m totally lost here but this sounds like there’s a really good story behind it. Do I need to go back and read a previous post??

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