the roundup

It’s the end of another week of The Circus. Here are some of the highlights from my point of view:

  • Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville: “I am totally convinced that any lay citizen would go in and say, ‘This is a bar.’ ” Waddoups was talking about Chili’s. I must have missed the dance floor and stripper poles the last time I was at the eatery.

  • HB108 and SB62 – These bills would allow second parent adoptions in the state of Utah (essentially allowing gay men and women to adopt their partners’ children). The senate bill was killed in committee (and the house bill will likely not advance). The main reason given: the lack of stability and legal standing in an unmarried relationship. So, first you make it illegal for gays and lesbians to wed and form legal relationships. Then, you use their unmarried status to say they aren’t good candidates for adoption. Makes perfect sense…in Utah. Sen. Pat Jones, D-Holladay said, “My own personal belief is that marriage should be between one man and one woman.” That’s funny…I thought this was a bill about adoption, not marriage.

  • HB75 sponsored by Rep. Curtis Oda, R-Clearfield – This bill would have eliminated the gun free zones near schools, essentially making it legal to pack heat in the vicinity of many young children. The bill was circled after an amendment would have put the cost of any school lockdowns and police action onto the person brandishing a weapon near a school. The kicker is Oda’s motivation for sponsoring the bill: beautician schools. Apparently, many of them are in strip malls where people like to carry guns and aren’t aware they are in school zones. I guess completely removing gun free zones around schools is the logical option. Not, for instance, passing an ordinance that requires school zones to be identified with simple signage.

Thankfully, this year’s clown fest is drawing to a close next week.


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