happy “birthday,” bailey

It was three years ago yesterday I brought Bailey home from the Salt Lake County animal shelter. She was scheduled for destruction the next morning, and a nice animal officer agreed to stay late and do the paperwork so I could bring her home.

I’ll never forget the ride home. My car looked like it had been attacked by a rabid badger or something. Claw marks on the leather, saliva covering every window and a layer of hair from the dash to the rear window. It was clear…Bailey did not like cars.

Three years later and it’s a different dog in my house. Every morning she comes into my office and stares at me until I grab my keys and coffee cup. I open the door and she runs downstairs to the car and waits for me to let her in. Her favorite thing now is to go for a ride in the car. Well, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that the folks at Java Jo’s give her a treat each time.


3 responses to “happy “birthday,” bailey

  1. That toilet paper pic is awesome. She’s like, “What? I was bringing it over in case you needed it.”

  2. She is precious….and such a loving, sweet girl! Happy Birthday Bailey…and don’t forget Lexy LOVES that she picked the name 🙂

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