It was a busy weekend that included climbing the stairs of the Wells Fargo Bank tower in SLC (3 times, 69 floors, 1,794 stairs!!) for one charity, as well as bowling several games for another. But, the best part of the weekend was definitely getting out into the canyon to enjoy some time in the snow.

CCP (visiting SLC from Philly for a weekend of skiing), Col and I snowshoed Guardsman’s Pass in Big Cottonwood Canyon Sunday. Our options were pretty limited since most of the trails on the avalanche map were showing red. We had heavy snowfall and winds leading into the weekend, and most of the state’s ranges were listed as high avalanche risk. Guardsman’s Pass isn’t too steep, so it has a relatively low risk.

We set out with the promise of a sunny trek, but clouds quickly rolled in from the west and we shoed most of the way up the pass in low visibility. All around us the sounds of the avalanche control team and the WWII era gun they use to trigger controlled slides was evident. I started to get a little nervous they might shoot us since they’ve been known to be a little off target.

As we reached the upper section of the road near the pass, the skies cleared quickly and we enjoyed a warm sunny afternoon. So much so, I am still sporting a pretty bad sunburn because it warmed up enough for me to take off my beanie…bad idea. We mixed up some hot chocolate spiked with caramel Baileys and peppermint Schnapps before heading back down the canyon for an afternoon lunch at Porcupine Grille.

Photos designated with * are courtesy CCP.


2 responses to “altitude

  1. Great pictures. I would freeze my butt off, though.

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