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Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Eagle Mountain, has introduced SB231 to the 2011 legislative session. Well…sort of. The bill had only a title until Friday night. Until then it was empty…there was no language to describe the bill. Now it’s being fast-tracked with a committee hearing set for Tuesday.

SB231 should be concerning to any property owners in the state of Utah. Here’s the lowdown. Greg Ericksen is an attorney in Davis County who owns a large parcel of land in Summit County near Quinn’s Junction (just on the border of Park City). Ericksen has a deal lined up to build a movie studio on the property. The only problem is it’s not zoned for such a large development or facility, and the zoning committee is not likely to change the zoning because the planned build out is too dense and does not provide the proper access requirements. So, what’s a guy to do?

Donate $3000 to Senator Madsen and get yourself a fast tracked bill to override Summit County’s zoning.  Done and done. Madsen’s bill would create an “enterprise zone” through the governor’s office allowing Ericksen to cut his deal and thumb his nose at the residents of Summit County. Meanwhile the community’s development standards, determined by their local elected leaders, are trashed.

How is it these are the same guys who scream and yell about state’s rights and sovereignty every time the feds come knocking? How is it they don’t see the irony in their actions? Better yet…how can they not call themselves hypocrites?


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