because it’s important

Back in another life, I was appointed to Charles Schwab’s corporate diversity task force. Four of us were selected from my division in Ohio, and I really didn’t know the other three participants very well before heading to SFO for our first off-site. It was an amazing group of people and we shared some pretty awesome experiences, opportunities and friendships.

I became good friends with one of the other Ohio members, and while we lost touch over the years, we were “reunited” several years ago when we started working together again for a different company. Jennifer is an amazing woman. A wife. A mother of two. A person living each day as a battle wills, squaring off toe to toe with Cystic Fibrosis.

I learned a lot about CF when I was in junior high and a young girl at my mom’s school battled with the disease. Clair became a bit of a local “celebrity” when she provided the cough that was used in the television move about the disease, “Alex: The Life of a Child.” Sadly, Clair lost her battle with CF at a young age. I remember how devastated my mom was with her passing, and I had a hard time understanding how someone so young could be gone as a result of some disease.

Then I met Jen and I was blown away with how vigorously she lived life. I learned how will power and brute strength can mean the difference between a life cut short and one lived to its fullness despite the everyday battles. I learned about the daily therapies, regular hospital in patient experiences and all that goes into fighting this disease and working toward finding a cure. Jen made a video about her life with CF that you can see here.

Please take a little over a minute to learn about her story. And, please take a minute to do what you can to help find a cure for CF; we’re so close to making this disease a thing of the past, and every little bit helps. I’ve known Jen for more than 12 years now, and my want is that we find a way for her to “breathe like us.”


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