it’s all jiggly

I was going to rant a little more about our liquor store situation, but decided since it’s Friday to save my breath. Instead, here is a letter I wrote to the Trib that didn’t get published:

Senate leader Michael Waddoups responded to the recent outcry against the potential closure of nine state liquor stores by pointing out the DABC is not being treated any differently than other state agencies with regard to budget cuts. As Waddoups put it: “They are not the favored stepchild.”

Waddoups’ equal treatment for all state agencies might be a valid approach if it weren’t for the fact the DABC is not like all other state agencies. I’m hard pressed to identify any agencies other than taxing authorities that generate profits of over $100 Million per year for the state. Treating this profit center the same as social and public service agencies makes about as much sense as comparing lime Jell-O with carrots to lime Jell-O without. I’m sure Waddoups would agree that is just plain ludicrous.


One response to “it’s all jiggly

  1. I think someone made a mistake on his name. I think it’s supposed to be Whatadope.

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