where the streets have no name

Jesus may have disappointed last Saturday, but Bono showed up in SLC last night, albeit two years late due to his back surgery. I’m not sure, but even in Utah I think Bono’s arrival caused more fervor than Jesus’ would have. The concert was sold out and ticket prices were ridiculous through the secondary channels, so I was not one of the saved at Rice Eccles Stadium last night at the U.

But, who needs to shell out for expensive tickets when you live within sight of the stadium? We opened the living room windows and listened to U2 entertain the thousands braving the cold. The highlight of my night was listening to “Sunday Bloody Sunday” as I walked the dogs before bed. While I never actually put it on there, I can now cross “Pick up Sydney’s Poop While Bono Serenades Me” off my list.


One response to “where the streets have no name

  1. Haven’t you heard? Bono beat out Jesus years ago.

    I read a joke once where there’s a guy who just gets into heaven and he’s walking around taking in all the sights with St. Peter. Over in the corner of one of the rooms, he sees a brooding man wearing dark rocker sunglasses. “Who’s that?” he asks St. P. “Oh that’s God. He thinks he’s Bono,” St. Peter replies.

    Your text made me jealous last night. Although I see them in Anaheim on the 17th.

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