zombie invasion

Walking home from the store today I noticed a lot of people out. It’s only about six blocks, but I passed a lot of people coming and going along the way. I was about two blocks from home and coming up on a woman going the same direction as I, but walking much slower. And weaving. I began to suspect she was drunk when she would stop every few feet and pick something up off the ground, look at it then throw it off to the side.

She was wearing a wide brimmed, floppy sun hat and what looked like some sort of nun’s habit from behind. I shuffled my feet a little as I got closer, thinking she would hear me and maybe move off to the side. Or, at least stop where she was so I could walk around her. No luck.

So, I did what any normal and civilized urban dweller would do in this situation. I walked onto the grass next to her to pass. As I did, I heard a very familiar voice say, “Why…Hunner!”

I turned, a little in shock, to stand face to face with Sally, wearing a nun’s habit, floppy hat and large crucifix around her neck. She’s baaaaaaccckkk. And, she’s living just two blocks down the street. I got away as quickly as I could, but not before she invited me to a housewarming.

I think I’ll be out of town. Whenever it is.


2 responses to “zombie invasion

  1. I like that one of the tags on this is bat-shit-crazy.

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