bite me, utah

We’re heading into late July, so I thought it would be nice to head up to the Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon to check out the wildflowers. No such luck. It may be mid summer on the calendar, but in Utah’s high country, it might as well still be winter.

Normally, the service road is open all the way up to the campground by this time of year. But, it’s still closed, as is the campground. We parked at the base lot and hiked up the service road to the Cecret Lake trailhead. We expected blankets of wildflowers on the hike, but there were only a handful of barely sprouted blooms peeking up. It will easily be two to three weeks before anything is blooming up there.

The trail to Cecret Lake was completely snow covered. We started to tackle it, but then decided the steep parts would be iced over still. Without even YakTrax, we figured it was best to nix that part of the hike. So, we slogged through mud and snow and did a circle of the Basin, returning to the service road.

We actually passed one dude coming down the trail with his ski equipment, and there were visible ski marks down the still snow covered faces of some of the peaks.

We’ll head back next month to see if we can catch some of the wildflower show. Cecret Lake is normally a mellow hike with some great views. Anyone looking for an easy hike should check it out. It’s obviously ADA accessible, too, since we caught this on the way down.


5 responses to “bite me, utah

  1. Another gorgeous vacation that I, in all of my vanilla suburban mom glory, am drooling over. Great.

    • Well, if it makes you feel any better, this wasn’t a vacation. It was just a typical Sunday afternoon hike. Oh wait, that probably makes it worse, huh? No worries, we leave Saturday for nine days at Lake Powell. Doh…it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?!

  2. This post made me want to say, “Well I guess the seasons there are just as backward as the people.” But then I thought better of it…

  3. Jane Moneypenny

    See! I’m so behind already; you live in a place of altitude and hiking; you’re already in shape. I, on the other hand… Machu Picchu will kill me since Kilimanjaro didn’t get to do the job.

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