falling off the wagon

This isn’t a post about the end of my beer fast. That was a jump off the wagon. Probably more of a leap. But, definitely not a fall.

No, I’m referring to a much more sinister fall. One still causing me pangs of guilt. I took a nasty spill off the Walmart wagon. It’s been nearly five years since I’ve stepped foot inside a Walmart. I’m not one of those “Walmart is the Devil” freaks or anything. I just have some basic gripes with how they treat their employees and made a decision many years ago not to shop there. Before anyone goes posting in the comments that there are other stores that treat their employees badly…yeah, I know. I get it. Walmart isn’t the only asshole corporation out there. But, a person’s got to start somewhere, and I chose to start with the largest. So, save it.

But, last week at Lake Powell I suddenly found myself in a perfect storm that resulted in not only walking into a Walmart, but also spending some dough. We beach camp at Lone Rock where it’s  hot. Really hot. So, daily trips are needed to replenish ice supplies and keep the important stuff cold. No, not the food. That’s what fridges in motorhomes are for. We need ice to keep the beer cold. It’s always about the beer.

Col and I traded off each day riding up with the BIL and his friend to the gas station just over the Arizona border to grab ice for ourselves and the folks. On some days more hearty supplies are needed, which means a trip into Page. This was one of those fateful days.

It all started with my dad who got a cold sore the second day on the trip and hadn’t packed anything to take care of it. My mom heard that the BIL was going to Walmart in Page and suggested he pick up some Abreva. Dad freaked out that he didn’t want his SIL having to shop for his medicine, so Mom decided I’d go pick it up since I also needed more beer. It was clearly not open to discussion, and my fate was sealed. My Walmart sobriety lasted another 15 minutes for the short drive into town.

I can be proud that I went out in true Walmart style. I saddled up to the register with some herpes medicine, a 30-pack of Bud Light in cans and a bag of powdered donuts. I should have thrown some condoms on there for good measure, but I didn’t want to go overboard.


2 responses to “falling off the wagon

  1. Hahahaha your last paragraph was a beaauut.

    When I was a kid, they only went to the marina for ice. There were no fancy discount stores selling bulk ice for a discount. And if you got a cold sore, we cauterized it with a marshmallow-roasting skewer.

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