end of the drought

My vacation to Lake Powell is memorable for a lot of things. Time with family. Playing with my adorable nieces. Beautiful sunsets and nice weather. But, mostly it’s because I got to drink beer again. Now, that’s a vacation!

We spent a week with my family and some friends of Big Sis and BIL camping at Lone Rock on Lake Powell. It’s a really mellow week, and I look forward to it every year. There’s not much to do other than relax, drink, read and eat well. And, that’s what we did. The weather was hot, but we had less monsoonal storms that previous years. And, during my week there we didn’t have any disasters like last year.

I didn’t actually take as many photos as I would have expected. The heat, combined with all the sand when it gets breezy isn’t all that friendly to an expensive camera. But, I got some good shots.

This was the first year I went over to the Antelope Marina floating restaurant. We loaded all the kids up on D&D’s party boat and took a nice cruise over for lunch. That place was amazing, although the food was really shitty (Big Sis says they’ve had good food in the past).

Bailey took her first boat ride. She did a lot better than I thought she would. Mostly just laid on the floor and slept. Then she came back to camp and tied one one.

Col wasn’t the Tarantula Whisperer this year, but he did catch a toad. And Munchie and Ash did catch a fish…sort of. A big dead fish floated into camp and the girls put poop pick-up bags on as gloves and “caught” the fish. Nasty.

My favorite part of Lone Rock is the sunsets. And the sunrises. I sat up in the tent to watch those, but never had the gumption to get my ass out of bed that early and capture them.

A great trip, as usual. By the end, I was sick of the sand and sleeping in the tent in the bed of the truck and ready to go home.

We stopped over for a night at Happy Fish on the way home. We gained 4,000 feet in altitude and lost 40 degrees in temperature. I’m posting no pictures of that adventure. What happens at the cabin stays at the cabin.


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