I love the spam filters on WordPress. They do a great job of keeping unwanted advertising in the comments. Even more, I love the actual spam messages. Here are a few of my favorites I’ve received in the last few months.

“You are a jenius.” (likewise)
“Thank you for this information. I feel like I can go on in life now.” (just call me the hunnerwoof suicide prevention hotline)
“Damm Barney! You got this right on the nose.” (umm…sure thing, Fred?)
“It’s sokpoy how clever some ppl are. Thanks!” (hm. no idea.)
“I been searching for your page my hole life” (i think we’re soulmates)
“I thank you humbly for shrnaig your wisdom JJWY” (prize to the best definition of JJWY)
“Damn, girl! You go!” (how did he know!?)
“You are the light the world needs.” (as I’ve been saying!)

Whenever I feel unloved, I just read my spam.


6 responses to “spamnation

  1. Jesus Jokes With You

  2. You get way better spam than I do. Although, once I did get a message about considering a sex change operation…

  3. Hahaha! I liked sokpoy better than JJWY. I think it might be “just joking with you,” but I’d like it to mean “Jack Johnson Weans Yaks.”

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