Does anyone else remember what an insult it was to “stick your butt out” at someone on the playground? I think Orrin Hatch does.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported on a group of DREAM Act supporters who tried to get ol’ Orrin’s ear at a recent open house he held. He wouldn’t see them, of course, and made sure there were plenty of police to keep things under control. Nevermind that Hatch introduced the DREAM Act legislation 10 years ago. This was when he was “for” it. Now he’s “against” it. Or, at least he wants it to appear that way through his re-election bid. Gotta keep the extreme base happy, after all.

What fascinates me more than Hatch’s lack of support for a bill he proposed is the recent exchange between him and Rep. Jason Chaffetz over immigration issues. Chaffetz is considered a likely challenger to Hatch in the 2012 election, although he hasn’t formerly declared it. Speaking about Hatch and immigration, Chaffetz said, “Look at the DREAM Act. I mean, he sponsored it. Then he said he wasn’t going to support it. Then it came up for a vote, and he missed the vote. So everybody’s offended.”

Now, here’s where Hatch responds with a logical defense of his changed position. A laundry list of his accomplishments and sponsored bills dealing with our immigration problem, right? Hatch responded, “I was fixing the border before he was ever elected.”

Right on, Orrin..wait. What? Really? In response to a perfectly legitimate point about his position on immigration, Hatch is going to pull out the ol’ Jack Palance “I shit bigger than Billy Crystal” line? The man who campaigned on and won his seat with “Time to send grandpa home” (referring to Frank Moss’ 18 year stint in the Senate) is really going to point out he’s old and crusty and has been around a long time?

Incidentally, I’m not sure what Hatch has been doing to fix the border, but as far as I can tell…it’s not working.

I can’t wait until next week when, in response to a question about his votes on fiscal policy, Hatch will pants Chaffetz in the Capitol Rotunda.


One response to “nyah!

  1. Dude. Utah is whack. Thank God we don’t have any political problems here in California…

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