what goes around

I’ve been busting my ass over the last few weeks doing a minor facelift on my condo. We ripped out the carpet about eight months ago with the intention of putting in wood or laminate, but since we’re klassy we’ve just been making due with the plywood subfloor. But, now my parents are coming for a visit, and it’s my dad’s first time here. So, time to man up.

But, before the floor can go in, I decided to paint. So, I painted. And painted. And painted. And once the walls were done, I realized how shitty the doors looked. So, being the proper homo I am, I decided to employ something I saw on HGTV to make the doors look really nice. And, the technique works! The doors in my condo are the hawtest doors in a condo this side of the Do It Center (we don’t actually have those in UT, but I just like saying DO IT!). But, it takes for-fucking-ever to paint each door and apply the treatment. I have six doors. It’s been taking me a long time. And a lot of beer.

Today, while painting yet another door, a piece of the nasty Corpse Yellow (seriously, that should be a color at Sherman Williams) flaked off the door. And guess what color was underneath it. Yes, the exact color that I am currently busting my ass to create on every portal in my house.

25 years from now, some dude is going to look up from his painting project in this house and yell, “Honey! Some idiot covered up ‘Cadaver’ with this nasty natural wood treatment! Why couldn’t they just leave well enough alone!?”



6 responses to “what goes around

  1. You’re my favorite proper homo in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

  2. You are such a proper homo.

  3. Pictures please! I want to see the door treatment. And I’m surprised you didn’t just ask your dad to paint while he was visiting. Didn’t he paint your sister’s entire house?!

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