paper or plastic?

I have a friend who has more than 100 purses. So many they almost require their own room in her house. Another friend has almost 100 pair of shoes. They occupy all her available closet space and under-the-bed storage.  When they talk about their need to purchase these things, I roll my eyes. They’re crazy. They’re obsessed. Today, I realized I’m just like them.

While I may not execute on my obsession to the degree my friends have, I harbor the same type of love they do for their Preciouses.  I shop daily for backpacks. Any kind, really. Weekend packs. Daypacks. Camera packs.  If it’s a bag with straps to carry on your back, I’m probably interested.

I actually only own a few packs. I have a new multi-day North Face pack for backcountry backpacking. I have a Dakine camera pack that I also use for my work laptop when I travel. It also serves as my daypack for hikes since I like to haul my camera everywhere. I’ve got a waterproof pack for river trips and kayaking. Finally, I have an older Kelty backpack that I can’t bear to part with since I carried it through the Andes in Peru. Throw in a bevy of compression sacks and various small bags with different uses and I’ve got quite the trove. Nowhere near 100 or even 25 for that matter. But, still an obsession.

When I load Steep and Cheap on my phone, and the title of the current deal is a backpack, my interest immediately piques. Even if the photo isn’t loaded and it ends up being some lavender colored designer pack for women. In visiting Backcountry’s website to get the links I’ve posted above, I became distracted and starting shopping for camera packs. Even though mine is almost brand new and perfectly adequate.

I think the only thing keeping me in check right now is space. Two people in 730 square feet and all the ensuing “stuff” that comes along with them isn’t very conducive to hoarding. God forbid I end up in a house with a garage. Or worse…a basement.


6 responses to “paper or plastic?

  1. This post is totally hot. I love a man who backpacks. If only you were straight and I were single… sigh…

  2. Nah. Cuz then you’d be calling ME Mr. Wonderful and I’d have to commit spousal abuse.

  3. Jane Moneypenny

    I’m just like you; I thought I was above all those people with 100s of shoes and purses to realize, after reading this, that I own 5 backpacks and 2 camera bags. And packing cubes on top of that. I’m constantly looking at new bags, despite the fact I REALLY don’t need another one.

  4. Jane Moneypenny

    This bag is supposed to be awesome. It’s gotten pretty good reviews. It’s kinda bulky though.

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