lights camera action

I’m not much of a movie buff. I average about one movie in a theater per year. It’s usually Harry Potter. I just don’t have the focus to sit in a dark room with strangers eating $40 popcorn. 20 minutes into the movie I’m wondering when it’s going to end so I can go home.

I like watching movies at home because I can multitask. I can read, cook, do the dishes or pause it and come back later. It’s the perfect setup for me.

So, I was a little surprised at myself for getting excited to see the set and some of the stars of the new The Avengers movie. Shooting was going on in Cleveland just outside my office this week while I was in town. And, I turned into a person who I don’t know.

Walking into work from the hotel, I’d crane my neck to get a glimpse of whatever I could see. Really…anything. The entire street in front of the Huntington Bank Building that houses my office had been completely transformed to look like a demolished street in New York City, complete with NYPD cars, NYFD trucks and NY Messenger and NY Pizza delivery vehicles. For Cleveland, it’s definitely an improvement.

So, when I realized I’d texted at least six people telling them I watched Chris Evans battle a bad guy on top of an overturned NYC cab after an explosion, I had to take a step back to assess. I mean…I had to hit up the google to even find out who the dude was when they said he was part of the cast.  I haven’t seen Captain America and have no intention of doing so. I’ve seen the first Iron Man, but not the sequel. I’ll probably only see The Avengers so I can yell out, “THERE’S MY OFFICE!!”

And, I’ll probably be yelling to one person since I’ll likely only see it on DVD.


4 responses to “lights camera action

  1. You’re such a country bumpkin…

  2. I only see movies in the theater if I can go in stretchy pants and smuggle in a wobbly pop. And even then, I usually just fall asleep halfway through.

    Now I too will watch The Avengers so I can wonder which office building is yours. (it will probably show it after I fall asleep though.)

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