nine minutes

I wouldn’t say I’m a morning person. I also wouldn’t say I’m not a morning person. I work with teams around the globe, so I’m used to getting up at weird hours for conference calls or meetings. I’m used to traveling to different time zones and adapting to the work schedule quickly. So, I guess I’m just a “whatever the current situation calls for” person.

But, I don’t love that moment of waking up, no matter when it is. Especially when it’s at the behest of an alarm. More often that not, that’s in the form of warm, smelly dog breath in my face. So, I’m not one to really use the snooze feature on an alarm. I hate waking up to it once, so why would I want to wake up to it multiple times? I set my alarm for the time I need to get up, and when it shrieks at me I get up.

Col is most definitely not a morning person. At all. Not one bit. When I am out of town he routinely sleeps through 30 minutes of a screaming alarm before he finally wakes up. When I am in town, I’m immediately whacking him on the head the moment his alarm sounds yelling at him to turn it off. So, Col is a snoozer, setting the alarm for a much earlier time than he actually needs to get up and snoozing his way to the appointed hour in nine minute intervals. Mondays are particularly painful since he reports to work at 5AM. I’m not entirely sure, but I think the whole wakeup routine starts around 345AM.

This week, as he was getting ready to leave he noticed I was sitting up and reading the local news on my iPhone. Looking puzzled, he asked me why I was awake. Hm. Maybe it was the seven alarms over an hour that did it.

Or, maybe I really am a morning person.


3 responses to “nine minutes

  1. Jane Moneypenny

    9 minute intervals! That’s intense! I’m a really light sleeper so I would be forced to smother someone. You’re apparently much more jovial about it (i.e. a morning person).

    There’s something to be said about multiple arms: Because I get up and get ready in 15 minutes, I set an alarm for an hour and a half before I need to, just so I can laugh and say “F you, alarm! I win right now b/c I can still sleep!” Then another 20 minutes before the real one. Of course the alarm wins in the end since I can no longer laugh in its fact at 8:30.

  2. Jane, that’s crazy talk.

    I’m a total snoozer. I hit it at least twice every morning. But I have my radio set to the jazz station, so sometimes it’s kind of nice to lay there and listen for a minute. Mr. W is not a morning person at all. Which is why he gets stuck making the bed most days (when he’s in the freaking country…) I think you need to hold Col to the same standard!

    • Um, on Col’s latest day of the week he’s out the door just before 7AM. If you think I’m out of bed that early, you’re crazy (except Thursdays since I have a standing 5AM call…but I go right back to bed when it’s done)!

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