no thanks, i’ve already met them

My parents came to visit a couple weeks ago. My mom’s been here once before, but this was my dad’s first trip to SLC. So, it was fun showing him around and having him see my place for the first time. Some last minute scrambling to get everything painted and and the new floors laid caused a bit of stress, but in the end it was all worth it.

Big Sis had warned me to expect some bickering while they were here. I only see my folks a couple times a year, so they’re always on their best behavior when I’m around. She is around them all the time, so she tends to see a different side. Fortunately there was no bickering. But, they’ve been married for 41 years. If anyone deserves to snark at each other once in a while, it’s them.

As usual, my mom didn’t disappoint with her mastery of the obvious.

Mom:  Be careful of that knife. It’s sharp.
Me:  Good thing you warned me. I never would have expected that.

Mom:  That stove is on.
Me:  OK.
Mom: It’s hot.
Me:  Yes, that’s usually what happens when a stove is on.

Me:  Where’s Dad?
Mom:  In the other room taking a nap.
Me:  OK.
Mom:  He was tired.
Me:  Seems like a strange way to combat weariness.
Mom:  No, he’s in there sleeping.
Me:  Yeah, Mom. I got it.

In all fairness, my mom spends about half her time with a munchkin glued to her side. And, between both nieces, she’s done so for the last 11 years. I think she’s just a little out of practice at gearing her messages toward her audiences.

My dad was pretty content just to putz around. We had plans to take them up to Park City or one of the canyons, but they didn’t seem all that interested. So, other than the Brandi Carlile concert, we just stuck around the house. I did enjoy some success in my plot devised in advance of my dad’s arrival.

I left all the switchplate and outlet covers off the newly painted walls knowing my dad would ask me why. Then, I could explain that I just hadn’t had time to put all the new outlets and light switches in yet. I figured he’d like a project while he was here. I was really only thinking of his enjoyment.

Sure enough, within two hours of his arrival, he “had an idea.” And, that idea was to replace all the outlets and light switches. Imagine that! He actually spread the work out over three days, so I know I was right about him wanting something to do that wasn’t sightseeing.

And, it probably kept my parents out of each others’ hair. Maybe that’s why there wasn’t any bickering.


4 responses to “no thanks, i’ve already met them

  1. Love this! They are darling. You are a very smart man. Maybe because your mom points out the obvious?

  2. Pretty sneaky Mr. Woof. I’m around your parents a fair amount I never see them bicker, either. They’re the cutest. And I think my mother must have attended the Obvious Graduate Program with your mom because she says that kind of stuff all the time too. I also really enjoy the questions like, “Did you pack your passport?” when I’m leaving the country – because, you know, she’s done so much worldly traveling and knows better than I…

  3. So funny. I know exactly what you mean. My parents are here for about a month! Joe and I started making to do lists for both of them a few weeks before they arrived because I knew they would need things to do. I put it on the side of the fridge on a white board and they both go to it and check it and check off the jobs they have done. Of course since I can’t do anything but lie around I don’t feel guilty putting them to work. And they like feeling useful.

  4. Gotta love Sher Sher and Lar Lar:)

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