thank you internets

Heading off on my first adventure to Asia for a couple weeks. But, wanted to thank the google for always entertaining me with search terms bringing people to this space. The fact that the number one search bringing people to hunnerwoof is “My dad is always in tightie whities” brings such a smile to my face.

A close second is “Where can I get a muddy skirt?” For real? More than one person actually typed that into a search box?

Maybe I need to get out more. Or maybe they do.


5 responses to “thank you internets

  1. Ooh! Where in Asia?!

    • Heading to Manila until near the end of the month for work. But, hopping over to Hong Kong next weekend since I’ll be so close.

      • Jane Moneypenny

        Hong Kong is pretty awesome; it’s a little overwhelming, kinda like NYC when you first step get off the plane, no matter how many times you do it. The harbor is breathtaking.

        Mel, maybe he’ll end up like Bridge Jones in that Thai prison and lead the girls on a sing-a-long.

      • Well, any tips or tricks let me know! We’re using United’s Hemisphere’s Magazine’s 3 Perfect Days as a basic guide. Hopefully we’ll have fun!

  2. I’m buying you a pair of tidy whities to wear under your muddy skirt in case it blows up when a heavy breeze hits.

    Good luck in the Philippines. Don’t get any drugs planted in your bag while you’re there. I don’t want to have to come visit you in prison.

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