white, wheat or rye?

There’s a story from Hong Kong I left out of my post. I was afraid of getting in trouble. Like…go sleep on the couch trouble. But, after sharing with a couple people, I figure I’ll just have to take the risk. Becuase it’s just that good.

An unnamed member of the traveling party got sick. Really, really sick. Lost a whole day in Hong Kong sick. It wasn’t booze or anything like that, and it only lasted one day. But, the bug resulted in some pretty public puking, briefly concerning me we’d be detained since they seem paranoid about bird flu or something over there. But, after the initial episode, everything seemed fine, and I figured it we were in the clear for the rest of the trip. Not quite.

On the day of departure, we got up and left the hotel very early to take the train to the airport. We walked out of the hotel and were confronted with the smell of the neighborhood. This is a neighborhood where sides of pig and cow are sold by hanging them out on the street covered in flies, so you can imagine the smell.

We were the only people on the street this early, and the previously sick member of the party suddenly relapsed when the smell hit him. Instead of leaning over and puking into the gutter, he made a mad dash across the sidewalk to puke into a bag of trash sitting in front of a closed storefront. As he was emptying his stomach into the garbage I looked around and noticed similar bags of trash in front of several other closed storefronts. I also noticed they were all restaurants.

That’s when I realized he wasn’t puking into the trash. He was puking into the bag containing the day’s bread delivery for the restaurant. As soon as he was done, I suggested we leave. Right away.


6 responses to “white, wheat or rye?

  1. Jane Moneypenny

    My #1 fear during traveling is losing my passport (even though I hide 3 different copies in my suitcase, at home and w/ a friend). My #2 is food poisoning/getting sick. You may have heightened #2 to #1 now.

    Ah! DId y’all run? Did people see you? Poor bread!! But hilarious story. So glad you shared.

  2. We didn’t really run…a fast walk. I didn’t tell him about the bread until much later because I knew he’d be really upset. Only one person sort of saw…an old man out for a walk.

    And, I’m with you on the passport thing. My tip: scan a copy and email it your web-based email. Then you can always access and print it if something happens to your hard copies in your bag.

  3. Hahaha gross! Those poor people who opened their bread bag! Oh well, I’m sure it’s not the first time a mysterious liquid has shown up on/around the bag.

    I don’t worry about food poisoning because I’m never adventurous enough to eat anything funky.

  4. Hmmmm…..So much for the an unnamed member of the traveling party eh? Should I get you out some sheets to sleep on the couch with? 😉 Wahaha.

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