bait and switch

We had such a wet winter and spring and a mild summer in Utah. So, the fall colors are pretty much guaranteed to be awesome. A few of us decided to head up to Happy Fish to see the colors on the “Quakies” before it was too late. Fish Lake is above 9,000 feet, so the fall is relatively short.

I finally convinced MPK to stop being a pussy and come with us to the cabin. He, Bailey and I headed down on Friday after work to meet Lisa and Jeanne there, and Col joined us on Saturday. I can basically do this drive with my eyes closed, and there’s never much of interest along the way. So, it was quite a nice surprise to see the goat normally tied by the side of the road in Aurora has a new friend.

We knew it would be cold at the cabin. We even figured there might be some snow on the peaks around the lake. We were not really prepared to drive up a snow covered road and driveway and see the cabin covered in snow and icicles. It was starting to look more like the annual New Year’s trip than a fall color tour. We opened up the cabin and shoveled the 4 or 5 inches of snow off the deck in front of the door, then started getting things heated up so we could thaw.

Saturday was mostly clear and sunny. MPK, Bailey and I took a walk down to the lake. The trail was mostly snow covered until we got near the lakeshore where it turned to thick, deep mud. Bailey enjoyed that, as usual. We made the circle loop over to the marina, then back to the cabin. Col arrived and we all loaded up and took MPK for a drive over to the lodge, then up to Porcupine Point for a nice view from the eastern end of Fish Lake. An evening with good food, good beer and fun games wrapped up the day for us.

Sunday was partly cloudy and pretty cold. Determined to make it a fall trip rather than a winter one, Lisa broke out the deck furniture. I made Bloody Marys and we all sat outside bundled up enjoying the fresh air.

Before lunch, we loaded up in my car to drive to a peak on the south shore of the lake. The roads cross federal lands and are mostly used by hunters. The elk hunt had just opened the day before, so MPK insisted we all wear orange to avoid any incidents. We drove for about 45 minutes on the rutted dirt roads…it was my Escape’s first real off road experience. We made it to the peak and enjoyed the view and a few beers in the cold. On the way back down the mountain a DNR officer stopped us to make sure we weren’t poachers.

At the bottom of the road there was a large mud bog, so we decided to have a little fun. After a slow pass to clear all the cows out of the way, we opened it up and bounced through the mud holes. Jeanne doesn’t love our little road adventures. She thinks it’s boring to sit in the back and get bounced around, so I jumped out to take some photos of her having fun in my car and the mud. To show her appreciation, she promptly sprayed me with cow-shit mud. Thanks, Jeanne.

About that time we heard several shots in the trees above us. We realized we’d been making so much noise, we probably scared the deer or elk up and into the hunting areas. Oops. Sorry, guys.

We headed back to the cabin for lunch before shutting things down to head home. Of course as we were ready to leave, the snow had mostly melted and the weather was warming up. We may not have had quite the fall color weekend we were expecting, but Happy Fish is always a good time.

Here is the photoset for this trip: Fish Lake – October 2011


3 responses to “bait and switch

  1. Great photos. It makes me think that once I get outta here the weather will be too cold and I will miss the fall. At least I can look out the window 🙂

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