the monster mash

Col and I headed down to St. George for Halloween weekend to join the gang for Equality Utah’s first Halloween party in Southern Utah. It was a great excuse to escape the recent bitter cold (and snow) in SLC and get some time in the more reasonable climes of SGU. The entire weekend was sunny and in the low 70s during the day. Perfect.

We had various email exchanges with the group leading up to the weekend to come up with a costume idea for all of us. As the weekend neared we still hadn’t decided, and we left SLC with an assurance from Shirley that she’d take care of it all. That made me a little nervous, especially when she called me enroute to tell me we were going as a group of Skittles so people could “taste the rainbow.” I wasn’t really in the mood to go in a junior high school girl’s costume, so I was happy when the final decision was a bowling team. We added some silly wigs and glasses to make it a retro bowling team.

Unfortunately, the wigs we bought turned me into a bowling Howard Stern.

We started with dinner at my favorite…Pancho and Lefty’s, then headed out to the party in Ivins. We figured cabs would be difficult to get that far out from town. So, we rented a minivan and brought a Mormon along. Best. Plan. Ever. Although, I’m pretty sure said Mormon will never go anywhere with us again.

Equality Utah did a great job putting on the event and creating the “Intensive Scare Unit.” I was surprised how fun all the costumes were; I was expecting a lot of people in underwear. Most got really creative and the range of costumes tended toward the scary/horror end of the spectrum.

The party included music, dancing, booze, tarot card readers, games and contests. I was happy to hear EU had sold out of tickets to the event. It appears equality is gaining quite a bit of support in Southern Utah. Probably because we put on such fabulous parties, I’m sure.


6 responses to “the monster mash

  1. Your costume was cooler than mine. I was a piece of sushi, but no one got it, mostly b/c I work with all white people that have never left the state of Texas.

    • I’m just trying to get my head around a sushi costume. You’re going to have to send me a pic.

      • Jane Moneypenny

        I had a white dress on with a stripped pillow attached to my back with a giant black sash around me. Then a red cap with a Kikkoman sign and a ginger and wasabi flowers on my wrist. I thought it was pretty obvious… Oh! And a sushi leaf in front. I’ll work on putting more effort next year…

      • That’s what you get for being Asian in Texas ; )

  2. Please wear that wig when you come home for Christmas. Thanks.

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