sher sher?

Me:  What time do you have to get up tomorrow?
Col:  It takes me an hour to get ready and out of the house.
*Looooong pause*
Me:  How long will it take you to get ready tomorrow?

You probably need to know my mom to understand this.


4 responses to “sher sher?

  1. Did he answer the second question with “I have to get up at 6:00”?

  2. The rest of the conversation isn’t fit for print.

  3. I had read this a while ago and then the same situation came up with Joe. So I tried it. He hesitated for a second and then answered my original question with a smile.

    • I love this. Just start worrying when he begins telling total strangers in line at the store how he’s going to Hawaii for 2 months…you know…November 27-December 3.

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