The Gang headed to Reno over the weekend for a little debauchery and a Brandi Carlile concert. I know…I have a problem. Actually, I don’t see how it can be a problem when the woman is just freaking awesome. How can you not love this:

I really don’t think it’s a good idea to get into the details of the weekend. Let’s just say there was little sleep. And lots of booze. And maybe a titty bar. Or two.

Lisa, Jeanne, Col and I flew in on Friday night and had dinner at a pizza place we’d found the last time we were in Reno. Yes…for a previous Brandi concert. We hit up a couple bars, and surprisingly didn’t spend any money in the casino.

Jeramy flew in on Saturday, and we made a run up to Tahoe for lunch in King’s Beach and some wandering. Really, it was just to ensure we didn’t spend the whole day down in Reno drinking and end up missing the concert. Not that we didn’t end up spending the whole day drinking.

We ended up in line about 40 minutes before the doors opened, and I love that we were next to an older couple who had driven up from Santa Rosa to see Brandi for the first time. They are huge Elton John fans, and heard about Brandi from their daughter who told them Elton recorded on Brandi’s last album. We grabbed a couple bar tables with them in the venue and sat with them the whole concert. At the end, I asked how they enjoyed it, and the woman took my hand and said, “It was just fabulous. Like no other performer I’ve seen.”

That’s why I’ve seen Brandi in concert 15 times.

Here are a few more photos from the trip: Reno/Tahoe – December 2011


10 responses to “15

  1. Um, I LOVE Brandi. I was there for that ACL concert you posted. Love love love her. She somehow manages to both rip into your soul and empower it at the same time.

    • Oh, I like you even more now that I know you’re a fan! She just announced a bunch of southern tour dates for the first part of the year. We should plan to meet up for one of them!

  2. hey mister: you were right about Brandi Carlile, it was a pleasure meeting all y’all, and you may collect a beer debt whenever you’re in town again.


  3. love. LOVE. Brandi. And I kind of love Col. I want to put him in my pocket and carry him around for fun and to look at when I’m bored. You can come too.
    Looks like a fun weekend. Again, I hate you.

    • Wow…did you just call Col a pocket gay?! I’m not sure how he’ll feel about that one. We got him nice and trashy on Saturday. He slept through the opening act. I mean it. Actually slept through a live concert. Woke up in time for Brandi all nice and refreshed! It was klassic.

  4. NO not a pocket gay. Like a pocket puppy. One that just makes you happy but doesn’t have to worry about things like walking and frolicking. One that’s just around for my amusement. He doesn’t have to be gay for that. He can be, but it’s not a requirement. OK FINE I CALLED COL A POCKET GAY. Shut up. He won’t mind. He likes me. (I have convinced myself of this in one of my delusions.)

    Every year the hubby goes to some all day football crap with 20 of his pals. The first game is the college game and then the pro game is later in the day/evening. They tailgate and live it up all morning. He goes in and sleeps through the college game and is ready to roll for the pro. I’d say our guys have a solid system going- no use wasting precious nap/recovery time on the warmers.

  5. Titty bars? My opinion of you is forever colored now…

    I’m jealous you’ve seen her 15 times. I’ve only seen U2 9 times. Clearly, you’re a better fan.

  6. I’m also a big Brandi fan. I’ve seen her three times (Madison, Milwaukee and Eau Claire) and loved every show. Favorite song: Pride and Joy.

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