is this thing on?

As has become the tradition, I sent the old year off with a bon voyage and welcomed the new one with close friends at Lisa’s Happy Fish cabin on Fish Lake. Col and I met Lisa, Jeanne, Cheryl and Jeramy at Happy Fish for our annual NYE celebration. We had a smaller group than normal (last year was more than a dozen and the year before was almost 20), but that didn’t mean our celebration was any less rowdy and inappropriate.

We kicked the night off with pizza and our annual Dollar Store gift exchange. Lisa and Jeanne took this year’s best wrapped and best gift trophies. In blowing up all the balloons for the midnight drop, we discovered one weird balloon that resembled a bird. So, I made some paper plate wings and Jer colored the beak and Downy the New Year’s Dove (name changed to protect the innocent) was born. Downy enjoyed a fun filled weekend of activities with the gang and was an excellent house guest.

Drinks, drinks and more drinks pulled us through to midnight, and after that the memories get a little…fuzzy. I do remember we created our own private discotheque. Beyond that the details aren’t really fit to publish.

Sunday afternoon we poured some roadies (hot buttered rum) and headed down to the lake. Normally, we have to park on the main road and snowshoe all our supplies into the cabin. Since this was the driest December in Utah’s recorded history, there was no snow and we were able to drive right up to the cabin. The days were relatively warm, considering the 9,000+ feet elevation, but that hasn’t stopped the lake from freezing. We ventured out onto the ice to check out some of the ice fishing holes and chatted up some of the fishermen who were having a great day.

My favorite part of Happy Fish is that my phone doesn’t work. No calls. No voicemail. No text messages. No email. We left Monday afternoon to head home, and I was entertained when all my text messages dropped into the phone:

  • Big Sis – “Got your SPOT message”
  • Lil Sis – “Oops! I fawted are you drunk yet?”
  • Berry – “I like midgets riding donkeys. There’s your first drunk NYE text. your welcome”

Happy New Year everyone!

Predictably, not many of the photos from NYE weekend can be shared. Here are the few that I can post for all the world to see – New Year’s 2012 – December 2011 to January 2012


4 responses to “is this thing on?

  1. 1. I’m not a fan of this “selective photo sharing” crap. I want humiliating and disturbing photos and I want them now.
    2. Get off that ice. You’re making me NERVOUS!

  2. Little sis sounds like the panda? Who is that?

    I’m glad you included a picture of the bird balloon. I was worried when I didn’t see it at the top by the story about it. It’s lovely…

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