this is why you’re fat

Samsung unveiled a new wifi enabled washer and dryer set recently that will go on sale in March 2012. They tout the combo for their innovation in allowing users to connect to the washer and dryer via a smart phone app over the home’s wifi network. Once connected, users can check cycle time, pause cycles or change cycles.

I don’t get it. Why does anyone pause a cycle when they’re doing laundry? And, in the time it takes me to get my phone, open the app and check the time remaining on the cycle, I can most likely just walk into the laundry room and look. I mean, you have to be connected to the home’s network, which (unless you’re a 1%er) means you’re probably close enough to just get off your ass and go check it. Or listen for the buzzer. And if you are a 1%er it’s a safe bet you have people to do that shit for you.

So, thanks Samsung for your completely pointless innovation that helps Americans get even lazier and fatter. And, don’t come touting your innovation again until it includes the robot I was promised as a kid that will not only tell me the time remaining or pause the cycle (again…don’t see how that’s useful), but will also sort the dirty clothes, load the washer, move them to the dryer, fold them and put them away.


2 responses to “this is why you’re fat

  1. I’m both in awe and horrified at this. In awe of the technology and horrified at what it’s being used for. If the machine also hung the clothes on the hangars, I would definitely be for that!

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