social pariah

facebook killed my social life. Well, maybe not killed. But, it has seriously hampered things. Three times in the last couple weeks I have learned of friends’ get togethers to which I was not invited. In casual conversation each has mentioned that it’s because I’m not on facebook. Ouch.

Maybe I really am turning into that old man. The one who complains because the phone keeps ringing; why can’t people just write letters like they used to? Or the one griping because he has to get into AOL to get any communication; why can’t people just pick up the phone and call like they used to? Or the one who has to download six different chat programs because nobody sends a good old fashioned email anymore. I almost found myself pointing out to one of the offenders that we’re both online on the same chat feature all day, even if I am not on facebook.

I’ve seen the book take over more and more aspects of communication. Many online news sites have sold their souls to the fb devil and only allow comments via a facebook profile. Smartphone bandwidth is consumed at an insane rate, and I’ve heard the biggest usage hog is facebook. The pervasiveness isn’t motivating me to re-join. In fact, the other day I learned facebook finally added a permanent delete feature for profiles. I quickly reactivated my long dormant (over a year, baby!) profile and immediately requested deletion. It’s scheduled for 16 February. I have it marked on my calendar.

So, I guess I’ll be able to fulfill my goal of reading more. What with all my reclaimed social calendar time. Or, I’ll just spend more quality time with the people in my life who actually take the time to call or text me to let me know something is happening. Yes…text. See, I’m not that old.


12 responses to “social pariah

  1. And by “calendar” do you mean that stone tablet on your cave floor where you chisel your latest plans?

  2. Unfortunately I wouldn’t count on those old pictures actually being deleted from Facebook. If anyone ever had a direct link to any of them, they may persist for quite some time:

    Gone are the days when we could just burn all our old pictures on a bonfire in front of our cabins on the way to the outhouse, eh? 🙂

    • Thankfully, I don’t think I posted anything questionable. And, I don’t think I direct linked very often. But, to your point, I wonder how permanent their permanent solution is???

  3. I understand, but still miss you on facebook. If I lived in Utah, I would call you all the time.

  4. See… just put up that fake name and connect with me and the people here. We promise not to get you fired up with jesus talk.

  5. My favorite day in class is when I show my class a slideshow of the embarrassing pictures they put on their Facebooks to illustrate the importance of maintaining your online identity.

  6. still waiting for you response via smoke signal

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