old dogs, same tricks

There are some changes going on in my world right now, the most major of which is a relocation. In preparation, my office has been packed up. My new temporary office is the kitchen table. Apparently this is a significant disruption for Sydney and Bailey.

After all, what happens at the kitchen table? Eating, of course. And, when eating is happening food usually finds its way to the floor to be gobbled up by waiting pups. So, my sitting at the table all day has resulted in a nearly constant vigil by my side. Waiting for food that does not exist. No matter how much I tell them there’s no food they just don’t believe me. So…they stand guard. And stare.

It’s starting to creep me out.


5 responses to “old dogs, same tricks

  1. tiffanyrapplean

    You KNOW there’s food up there. And THEY know there’s food up there. Just like when you leave without them, they know you are driving around saying ‘hi’ to all those doggies who are out and about every damn day and night while they, your poor, deprived pups pine away, awaiting your return. Just give up the food already! =P

    Do you think they’ll like the move? When we moved here, Esmerelda was totally freaked out the first time we put her in this house and then left. Poor goggie had panic written all over her face. Of course, she grew to love it here within a day or two. 🙂

    • I think they’ll do fine. Sydney is well conditioned to moving. Over her 12 years, I’ve moved her 17 times, including 4 cross-country. She just goes with the flow. Bailey is the concern. She’s a creature of habit and a bit of a Nervous Nelly, and given that I’ve only ever had her in this place it will be interesting to see what she does. But, she’s been down to the new place a couple of times and she did great last weekend, so I think she’ll be fine.

  2. Pavlov would be proud. More than likely they are just longing for some bacon. I know when my partner goes in the kitchen, and I hear a frying pan clank, I come running out of wherever I am in the house yelling baaaaaaaaacon!!!!

    The times where there is in fact no bacon and partner is just putting away dishes make for some awkward moments.

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