it was very soviet

Our European tour finished up in Prague and it was a great way to end the trip. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Prague really impressed all of us.

We left Vienna in the afternoon and headed to Prague via a six hour train ride. We were lucky enough to score our own compartment, so we had privacy and a great view of the Austrian countryside. The bar car was just behind our car, which kept us in a beer supply throughout the trip. Interestingly, when the train crosses the border, the beer becomes cheaper. Much cheaper. Same beer. Same server. I guess the country makes all the difference.

As we crossed into CR and moved toward Prague, things started looking more and more like what most of us expected. Grey. Dirty. Nondescript. In a word…Soviet. It became a running joke for the rest of our visit that something was “very Soviet.”

We arrived at Prague’s central station and upon coming out of the underground we were blown away by how beautiful the city was. Our apartment was a short walk from the station and had amazing views of the Prague Castle. We were about a five minute walk to the St. Charles Bridge. Basically, we were in an awesome location…night and day from Vienna.

The food was great in Prague, as was the beer. It wasn’t as cheap as people told me it would be, but it was still the most affordable part of the trip. We took a day trip out of the city to visit the “bone church,” and that was pretty wild. Our only mishap on the trip was leaving a key inside the door, preventing us from unlocking it from the outside with the spare key. That little stunt cost me 2000 CZK. Bummer.

Our adventure was fun and mostly affordable. For the five of us, 8 nights of lodging, most food and drink, rental car and train tickets was $600 US per person. Not bad for a week-long vacation. There were additional individual expenses like tours and things, but still pretty cheap. My airfare was covered by work, and Col traveled on a combination of buddy passes and miles. The rest of the gang traveled NRSA. So, even our airfare expenses were reasonable!

View the complete photo set for this trip here: Prague, Czech Republic – March 2012


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  1. My other blogger friend Janice just went to Prague too and said it was awesome. Between your post and hers, I totally want to go now!

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