is this all the fun?

Remember when the internets was fun? I do. I can still recall the first time I listened to the high pitched screech of my 14 kbps modem as it connected my second hand PowerBook for the first time, and the wondrous (and soon to be very familiar) greeting of “You’ve Got Mail” signalled success. It took less than two minutes for me to find the chat rooms and less than three to find the dirty chat rooms. Ahh, the internet…not much has changed since the early days (except my $200+ monthly AOL bills).

Sometimes it’s weird for me to recall my first experience with email was during my initial college years. I find it hard to think back to high school sans internet and often wonder how I got through. On the other hand, I wonder how different my life might have turned out if I had that type of access to information during those years.

Is it totally lame to wax nostalgic about the internet before every fucking person, cause, idea and even unborn child had a space out there for all to see? Actually, I don’t think it is.

Several people who actually read the drivel I post here (and elsewhere) have bugged me about my lack of posting recently. My gut reaction is to tell them to fuck off. Instead, I find myself launching into an explanation about how busy I am right now. New job. Finishing school. New house. Renovation. Watching six seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” in two weeks. All that important stuff. But, the truth is, I haven’t posted because…I just haven’t felt like it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the purpose of this site is, and I realized…I’ve strayed. My initial intent with this space was to post about the adventures I have in (and out of) Utah. About finding my place in this craziness by focussing on the basics: being outside, enjoying nature and living life in a simple, but full, way. One of the reasons I left facebook was to get away from all the ignorance, political rants and knowing my friends are asshats. But, when I broke up with the book, I let that shit spill over into this space. I started using this as a platform to spew all the vomit I was letting loose on facebook. But, that’s done.


It’s over.

My focus is back. Moving forward, I’ll not be discussing the circus aspect of Utah. I can’t promise I wont slip in a dig here and there, but the theme of this blog has always been that it’s a place where “Utah Makes Sense,” and I intend to return the sanity. Because, to me…the only thing about Utah that makes sense is the amazing opportunities it offers to experience nature, unique people and places and a good local beer from time to time.

So, I hope people stick with me, and if you don’t…well, besides fucking off you can serve yourself a nice helping of I don’t give a shit. I’m kind of sick of the crap out in the world. It’s time to lighten up my life and my space for a while.




9 responses to “is this all the fun?

  1. Its like we’re the same person. I have really been struggling with the blog, and went way too political tere for a while. I just can’t help it sometimes though. I found my lack of posts have been simply that I don’t have much to say these days. Or at least anything that isn’t just nonsensical paycho babble. I guess I just feel blogging for the sake of blogging doesn’t really appeal to me. There may be a post at some point, but not today…

    • Definitely read the article Tiffany posted below…it’s my problem exactly, and one of the main reasons I had to reset things. The fact is, I often feel like I’m screaming at the wind, and that level of ineffectiveness just isn’t doing me any good. So, I have to take the “fuck it” approach and choose not to care about it anymore. The fact is…whether the Right is winning or the Left is winning, the vast majority of us lose either way.

  2. Did Rob send you the post on losing your inner snark, too? 🙂 I swear, yours is the second clue this week that I need to stop that (or at least cut it back…) right now. Here’s the first:

    Snarky internal dialog aside (as I read and now think about the article and what you have to say here), you’re right. They’re right, too. It’s not adding value to my life or the lives of people around me. I’m cutting back, but like dessert (and like you said, “can’t promise I won’t slip in a dig here and there”), I’m going permit myself to indulge, to splurge even, just a little now and then. But I’m going to try to stop letting it be my main dish, every meal (conversation, blog, tweet).

    So you know…thanks. 🙂 Whether you had any idea or not, I really needed to read this specific blog right at this specific time. 🙂 Yay!

    • Rob didn’t send it, but I read it from your Tweet. It really was describing me to a T. So, time to lose the inner snark…to a degree anyway (or at least not let it become an outer snark) and have some fun for a while. The machine is too big for me to change anything I’ve been bitching about, so I might as well work on the things in life that are within my control. Like enjoying life.

  3. Wow there are a lot of f-bombs in this post. Now I feel bad for asking you if you were dead. Hope your busy schedule eases up so you can stop cursing so much.

  4. This title made me smile. I forgot about “is this all the fun” I can still picture that doe-eyed little four-year old asking me that, so innocently.

    I can’t wait to rad more humorous stories from you. Those are my favorite. But of course some snarkiness is still ok.

    • It’s a staple saying around the gang. If you remember, it happened just before your first Happy Fish trip, so we were all saying it the whole weekend. Now it’s just a part of the lexicon.

  5. read, not rad – even though you are 🙂

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