The 4th of July holiday was a little weird this year since it fell on a Thursday. So, after a day off then a day on, we made plans to head up to Happy Fish to escape the heat of southern Utah. Temps have been well over 100F for the last couple weeks, and the holiday was no exception.

IMG_4260Col, Lisa, Cheryl, Katie, Angela and I all got up at the crack of dawn to run the inaugural Uncle Sam 5K. It was around 90F when the race started at 6:30AM, so the provided beards and hats were a little warm. After that, Col and I spent most of the day being lazy before heading into town for a late lunch of Mexican and a couple pitchers of beer. Afterward, we met up with Jeramy and went to the Dixie Sun Bowl for a concert and  big fireworks show.



I rode up to the cabin with Jer and Cheryl on Friday afternoon. Lisa, Jeanne, Heidi and Terry were already up there with the dogs, and Col joined us on Saturday afternoon after he got off work. With highs in the mid 70s, it was much cooler and a nice change from the baking heat of St. George. We had a great afternoon of relaxing, a ring toss tournament (I beat Jer!) and a crazy downpour. A fun evening of chicken tacos and Shotzee (Yahtzee with booze) rounded out the day.



Saturday was a mellow day, mostly spent enjoying the wildlife, another ring toss tournament (doesn’t matter who won if it wasn’t me!) and more rain showers after lunch. We retreated to the game room for a round of darts while we waited for Col to make it up, then spent the afternoon playing games and hanging out. This is what I really love about our time at Happy Fish…just the relaxing, fun times with great friends.


Sunday morning was another beautiful one, and after breakfast Cheryl, Lisa, Jeanne, Terry, Col and I put together a game of frisbee golf. We worked our way around the cabin and into the meadow as the day warmed up, enjoying cold beer along the way.

IMG_4263 IMG_4262

Lisa, Jeanne and I picked cheap, crappy discs that were too light to get any good distance. After three beers and several rounds way above par, I took to just chucking mine as hard as  I could to make it roll, instead of fly, for distance. The strategy only paid off in that I didn’t come in last. Col, Terry and Cheryl had frisbees that got some nice air as we worked through the course.


The meadow was full of wildflowers, and Terry picked a small bouquet to take back to Heidi. Too bad at least three of his picks are technically illegal to take. Shhhh.


It was another relaxing and fun weekend of good times at Happy Fish. We’re already planning an August trip, and like July, I’m sure we’ll need the break from the heat!


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