the rock

IMG_7080Col and I spent the weekend at Lake Powell for my family’s bi-annual trip. My parents, sister, brother in law and nieces stopped at our place for a night on their way up to the lake, then we met them for a long weekend at Lone Rock. I wanted to spend more time, but work schedules didn’t line up very well this year. We headed up on Saturday afternoon and stayed until Monday afternoon.

IMG_7092It’s Monsoon in this part of the Southwest, so afternoon thunderstorms roll in regularly, but usually don’t last very long. Of course our only full day at the lake was the day with the most weather, and we spent the better part of Sunday afternoon holed up in the motorhomes to avoid being struck by lightening.

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IMG_7186Lake Powell is currently under 50% capacity. The upside is a nice beach for camping and less boat traffic (probably also a result of gas prices and the economy). Col and I just slept in the bed of the truck on our backpacking mats. I think I’m too old for that because I was pretty sore by the second night. Next time we’ll get a real air mattress.


IMG_7140On Monday, we scrambled to fit as much in as we could before hitting the road. Col and the girls went tubing, and my dad skied. With no weather and light boat traffic, the water was really glassy.


IMG_7332Mike, Tracy, Col and I got in a Cornhole (I still can’t believe that’s the name of the game) tournament, and they whooped us. Next time, I’ll bring ring toss and wow them with my mad skill. A quick off road jaunt in the Razr rounded out our full day before Col and I hit the road to head home. I can’t wait for the 2015 trip when we can actually spend a week.

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3 responses to “the rock

  1. 2015? So you already know you won’t be able to go for a week next year?

  2. Man those pictures make me want to cry! I want to try to come in 2015. Who knows where we’ll be then, though. Lake Powell is like my Shangri-La. Glad you guys had a good trip, even if it was too short.

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