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Last weekend was one of mixed emotions. On Friday we buried a friend who was taken way too young. On Saturday we attended a wedding reception. It’s odd the range of emotions you can feel in such a short timeframe. On the drive home from SLC we took some time to capture a little of the beauty that’s always around us.

HDRtist HDR -’ll be missed, Terry.



peach champagne and stogies

The latter part of December was a killer for me. With a ton of work travel and a whirlwind trip to LA for Christmas (barely 36 hours on the ground), I was really looking forward to the annual Happy Fish New Year’s trip.


We headed up in two groups on Saturday. Lisa, Cheryl and Jer left early to do the shopping, while Jeanne, Col and I got a later start. We were the official dog carrier with Lucy, Ricky and Bailey riding with us. Fortunately the weather was clear and the drive was nice and easy.


Lisa and Jeanne had been at the cabin for Christmas when there was a bit of snow, but not a lot. A storm blew through in the middle of the week, so there was a little more snow for New Year’s, although not as much as two years ago when we had to snowshoe in with all our supplies. We were able to get the trucks all the way in to the cabin, but people staying further up the road needed snowmobiles to make it in.


Our schedule was a little different this year. Instead of arriving late at night, we got to Happy Fish late in the afternoon and still had plenty of daylight to get settled, make dinner and enjoy the evening. With two full days before New Year’s Eve, we paced ourselves pretty well. Sunday morning was clear and cold, so Jer, Lisa, Col and I bundled up and made the trek up the road to a good sledding spot. We packed a backpack of cold beer for fuel and hauled the sleds and tubes to a great spot we’ve used previously. It took a while to groom a good track, including building up some edges to prevent the sleds from shooting off into some rocks and trees, but in the end we had a great track that made for some good runs. The altitude was definitely a factor with all that activity, so we took plenty of beer breaks.


Monday we lounged around most of the day before setting up for the evening, including our balloon drop. We had a great fajita dinner and played lots of drinking games to get ready for the main event. No NYE would be complete without the annual dollar store gift exchange complete with best wrapping prize.


We celebrated the countdown with champagne and lots of kisses, then broke out all our glow sticks and bracelets for our own version of a disco. We capped the night off with some cigars and a wee morning romp in the snow covered meadow (Jeanne made a snow angel…and it was barely above 10 degrees!).


It was tough leaving on New Year’s day, but we packed up and made the drive back to St. George. Col and I had dog transport duty, and also had to drive up to Scipio to pick up Sydney who had spent the holiday with Col’s parents. It was a long day of driving, but well worth the fun.


I treasure my New Year’s trips to Happy Fish. It’s always a great way to say farewell to the outgoing year of good times and welcome a new one that will hopefully be as jam packed with adventures. Thanks, Happy Fish for all the good times!


Here is the complete photoset from this trip: New Year’s 2013 – Happy Fish

miles and miles

I was trying to think of some way to end the year here. I decided to make it short and sweet. It’s been a year on the road for me, my family and my friends. Even though I didn’t travel as much as 2011, I still racked up over 100K miles and added two new countries to my passport. 2013 is already shaping up to beat 2012 in all respects.

I look forward to spending a new year racking up adventures with those close to me, seeing the world and enjoying good times. See you all in 2013!

nail holes

I’m always very slow to hang things on the walls when I move into a new place, and the new house has been no exception. I think it’s a combination of wanting to live in the space for a while to get a feel for it, and a hesitancy to put nail holes in the walls. There’s just such a “you can’t turn back now” feeling. Well, without some work with filler and paint, anyway.

Now that we’ve been in the house for about six months, we’ve been starting to get things up on the walls. With so many great adventures and travel experiences over the last several years, I have a pretty decent catalog of photos. So, I thought it would be fun to use some of my own work to hang around the house. We have a very long foyer, and there’s a wide expanse of wall that needs to be addressed. I have been thinking about using one of my landscape shots from Canyonlands or one of my Southern Utah photos to be printed to a canvas (specifically a multi-part canvas) to fill the space.

I’ve never had a photo printed to canvas, and there are a lot of options out there. Costco advertises a service, and I’ve seen a lot of advertisements for various online printers, as well. The problem is…they’re not cheap, and I haven’t wanted to fork over the cash without being sure the print won’t look…cheesy. So, when Printcopia contacted me and offered me an opportunity to review their canvas print service, I jumped on it. What better way to sample the product and see if it will look the way I want it to in the space?

The process was basically the same as any upload to print service (like Costco, Walmart, etc.). My biggest hassle was trying to find a print that looked good in the dimensions of the 8×10 canvas preview screen. I cycled through a few photos before I settled on one with some really bright colors from our NYC trip last December. My order processed quickly, even with the free shipping option, and I received UPS confirmations when it shipped and when it was delivered (since I was out of town). Total process and shipping time was about one week, which was much faster than the timeframe Printcopia provided with my order. The order was shipped securely, so there was no damage to the print.


The canvas actually looks better than I expected. Again, I sort of thought the print to canvas process might make things look cheesy; like you’re trying to turn your photo into some fine art piece. But, it actually pops the color and gives the photo some depth and texture that isn’t there in a traditional print. I would never go overboard and put these things up all over, but used sparingly, I think they are a great way to mix things up a bit.

Printcopia’s site was easy to use, and their service was excellent in this experience. I am sure there are other companies out there that do equally as a good a job, but I’ll use these guys again since I have good experience with them, and their prices were on par or even a bit more affordable than Costco. They also do vinyl banners, car magnets and lawn signs.

We’ve been thinking of having them do a lawn sign for us to freak out all the neighbors in our subdivision. Any suggestions?

black friday

In honor of all those lines.

simply brilliant

tuesday tunes

Even though I’ll be in Southern Utah, I really hope I can get back to SLC for my birthday to see Katie!