What’s a hunnerwoof?

It’s a not a “what.” It’s a “who.” When I moved to Utah, I noticed the local dialect doesn’t account for enunciating my name and everyone just calls me Hunner Woof. Probably something genetic with those hard consonants, or perhaps God hates the letters “T” and “L” just like he hates good coffee, good whiskey and anything remotely fun.

People often ask me, “Why in the world do you live in Utah?” Originally, my answer was easy, “Cuz that’s where my job is.” Now that I work from home and can basically live anywhere I choose, the answer isn’t so easy.

Utah is a truly weird place. The mix of people, geographic remoteness and downright bizarre Mormon culture set the stage for a unique daily living experience. After seven years in the state, I still haven’t figured out all the rules around something as simple as procuring and consuming an adult beverage.

A big part of accepting my geography has been…embracing it. I’ve learned to appreciate what an amazing place Utah can be. From the red rock mesas of Utah’s “Dixie” to the snow capped peaks of the Wasatch Range, Utah boasts some of the most beautiful and varied scenery found anywhere on Earth.

It’s because of this beauty I’ve developed some hobbies and passions I never dreamed I’d enjoy: snowshoeing, backpacking and backcountry camping. I’m grateful for the time I’ve been here and the resulting introductions to these activities. I’m not sure what the future holds for me and this great state, but for now I am happy to enjoy its beauty and exploration opportunities. And, I’ll do my best to ignore the increasing insanity that surrounds me…

You can contact me at: hunterwolfeATmacDOTcom