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beaner dip

Since day one Bailey has been hard to win over. It took several months before she would let me pet her for more than five seconds. During the first six months I had her the mere act of putting on a leash elicited looks like I was about to bash her over the head with something heavy.

As I mentioned in her birthday post, she’s come a long way over the last three years. But, the other night I had what I would consider a breakthrough with her. I was messing around and started speaking to the dog in Spanish. And, quite to my surprise, she reacted. She became animated and excited, running around the room and wagging her tail. I told her she was a “bueno perro,” and she nudged my hand.

Epiphany! Bailey is ┬áMexican. It’s clear. Over the last couple days I’ve been praising her in Spanish and she definitely responds to it.

Now, I live with three! And, I’m still more Mexican than any of them.