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not in this century…

Ok, so it wasn’t actually a Century this year. Our weekend up north to ride in the annual Bike MS charity ride for the Utah/Idaho chapter of the MS Society turned into a bit more pre-partying than expected, and it definitely had an impact on my ride.

We normally don’t participate in the ride every year. I prefer to ride every-other year so that I’m not harassing my friends, family and colleagues every year for donations. Since I earned a spot in the 150 Club last year, I decided we’d do the ride this year and planned on just self-donating the minimum so that I didn’t have to bug anyone. I ended up sending a single fundraising email to my network and pulling in nearly $1000 in a couple days, so thank you thank you thank you to all my generous friends for the support.

photo 1-1

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Col and I talked Lisa and Jer into doing the ride this year by convincing them the 45 mile leg would be a piece of cake. Col set out intending to do the 75 mile leg, and I decided to just play it by ear. In a flashback to my first year of the ride, I ended up with a bad dental problem in the days before the event, so I needed to see how it would play out once I was on the bike.

We loaded up the Jeep with our gear and bikes on Friday and headed up to Salt Lake City. Hotels in Logan were sold out, so we planned to stay in SLC and just drive up early for the ride on Saturday morning and then spend the night back in SLC again for some post-ride partying. The plan for Friday night was a low key dinner and an early bedtime since we had to be up at 4AM to head up to Logan. Yeah…right.

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Lisa and Jer had never been to Lucky 13, so we took Trax down to the stadium and set out to enjoy some amazing burgers and “just one” beer. Lisa had been on a fast of sorts for the previous month, so she was enjoying her first beer in nearly 30 days. Well, as usual with the Good Times Gang, one led to four, and we left Lucky 13 not for the hotel, but for a bar. We ended up at The Beerhive until about midnight, which meant Trax wasn’t running (seriously, SLC get a clue!). We decided to get a jump on our bike ride and rented Green Bikes to get back to the hotel. Probably not the brightest idea, but it sure was hysterical.

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With only 3 hours of sleep, we made the trek up to Logan, arriving a little late due to my incorrect start time and a little detour I accidentally took us on.  We set out to do the 45 mile ride, but when we got to the turnaround it was still pretty early and we all felt good, so Lisa, Jer and I decided to join Col on the 75 mile ride. It was nice enough, but my mouth was really hurting which made for slow going, and I was holding the rest of the group back. Lisa had a run in with a dog (an actual run in), which was a pretty funny war story. We made the lunch stop a nice long break and eventually got back into the fair grounds around 4PM.


Cheryl and Jeanne flew up on Saturday to have a fun SLC night with us. We made it back to the hotel dirty, tired and sunburned, but they had cold beer waiting for us. We cleaned up and then went to dinner at another of my favorites, Rusted Sun Pizzeria. From there we tried out Ty Burrell’s new Beer Bar downtown. It is a really cool concept, but was so loud it made any conversation nearly impossible. We enjoyed a couple of the beer choices, then headed back to the hotel to relax.

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Sunday morning we met Col’s parents and Amanda for brunch at Squatters, and then headed out. It was a liver busting weekend for sure, but it was fun to do the ride again. It’s an amazingly well supported event, and accounts for nearly all the funding the chapter receives for the year. Our little group raised nearly $2k among us, so we felt pretty good about our contribution. Thanks again to everyone who donated, and if anyone else is still inclined, my fundraising page is open until 31 July!


zombie invasion

Walking home from the store today I noticed a lot of people out. It’s only about six blocks, but I passed a lot of people coming and going along the way. I was about two blocks from home and coming up on a woman going the same direction as I, but walking much slower. And weaving. I began to suspect she was drunk when she would stop every few feet and pick something up off the ground, look at it then throw it off to the side.

She was wearing a wide brimmed, floppy sun hat and what looked like some sort of nun’s habit from behind. I shuffled my feet a little as I got closer, thinking she would hear me and maybe move off to the side. Or, at least stop where she was so I could walk around her. No luck.

So, I did what any normal and civilized urban dweller would do in this situation. I walked onto the grass next to her to pass. As I did, I heard a very familiar voice say, “Why…Hunner!”

I turned, a little in shock, to stand face to face with Sally, wearing a nun’s habit, floppy hat and large crucifix around her neck. She’s baaaaaaccckkk. And, she’s living just two blocks down the street. I got away as quickly as I could, but not before she invited me to a housewarming.

I think I’ll be out of town. Whenever it is.

where the streets have no name

Jesus may have disappointed last Saturday, but Bono showed up in SLC last night, albeit two years late due to his back surgery. I’m not sure, but even in Utah I think Bono’s arrival caused more fervor than Jesus’ would have. The concert was sold out and ticket prices were ridiculous through the secondary channels, so I was not one of the saved at Rice Eccles Stadium last night at the U.

But, who needs to shell out for expensive tickets when you live within sight of the stadium? We opened the living room windows and listened to U2 entertain the thousands braving the cold. The highlight of my night was listening to “Sunday Bloody Sunday” as I walked the dogs before bed. While I never actually put it on there, I can now cross “Pick up Sydney’s Poop While Bono Serenades Me” off my list.


It was a busy weekend that included climbing the stairs of the Wells Fargo Bank tower in SLC (3 times, 69 floors, 1,794 stairs!!) for one charity, as well as bowling several games for another. But, the best part of the weekend was definitely getting out into the canyon to enjoy some time in the snow.

CCP (visiting SLC from Philly for a weekend of skiing), Col and I snowshoed Guardsman’s Pass in Big Cottonwood Canyon Sunday. Our options were pretty limited since most of the trails on the avalanche map were showing red. We had heavy snowfall and winds leading into the weekend, and most of the state’s ranges were listed as high avalanche risk. Guardsman’s Pass isn’t too steep, so it has a relatively low risk.

We set out with the promise of a sunny trek, but clouds quickly rolled in from the west and we shoed most of the way up the pass in low visibility. All around us the sounds of the avalanche control team and the WWII era gun they use to trigger controlled slides was evident. I started to get a little nervous they might shoot us since they’ve been known to be a little off target.

As we reached the upper section of the road near the pass, the skies cleared quickly and we enjoyed a warm sunny afternoon. So much so, I am still sporting a pretty bad sunburn because it warmed up enough for me to take off my beanie…bad idea. We mixed up some hot chocolate spiked with caramel Baileys and peppermint Schnapps before heading back down the canyon for an afternoon lunch at Porcupine Grille.

Photos designated with * are courtesy CCP.