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i’m in it for the commercials

We missed our normal New Year’s party at Happy Fish this year. With the holiday falling mid-week, resetting PTO banks and just all around difficulties coordinating, we did NYE in town and avoided the hassle. Since our last group outing to the cabin was back in July, we thought celebrating Super Bowl Sunday at Happy Fish sounded like a great plan.



We made plans for everyone to arrive either Friday or Saturday and head home Sunday or Monday. Lisa, Jeanne, Jer, Cheryl and Rob all made it to the cabin Friday, while Col and I drove up from SGU Saturday after he got off work. We also invited Hayley and Lance for their first Happy Fish trip, and they drove down from SLC on Saturday.




There was a pretty good amount of snow on the ground when we arrived, and the temperatures were pretty frigid. The lake didn’t look to be completely frozen yet, which was surprising given how cold our winter has been. Lisa said she can’t remember another time it wasn’t frozen all the way out. Even with the snow, everyone was able to get their cars all the way in, so no snow shoeing and hauling supplies was necessary. It snowed a couple times over the weekend, and some of us were hoping we’d get snowed in and not be able to leave Monday. But, there was no such luck.




We enjoyed a fun Saturday night drinking, playing games and having fun (for some of us a little too much fun). On Sunday we spent the morning decorating for the game and getting all our food ready. We probably overdid it with our menu planning, but we enjoyed all the traditional game day snacks and delicacies…queso dip (2 kinds!), cocktail weenies and meatballs. I also made a big pot of chicken cilantro soup that came out really good.




For once we actually had fans on both sides of the game. So, the rivalry and trash talk promised to be good. That was, until there simply wasn’t a game. It became clear very early on that it would have just been mean to trash talk Denver, so we mostly all just enjoyed the commercials and hoped Cheryl didn’t go on a rampage on us. We lucked out and nobody was injured.


This was Kendall’s first Happy Fish trip, and she had a blast. We had been wondering what she would do unleashed in deep snow, and she cracked us up hopping through it. She didn’t seem to like the really deep stuff and would get nervous if she got too far into it. She loved playing around the cabin and hanging out on the deck, even though it was cold out. I think she’ll really enjoy our summer trips up when she can run loose in the meadow. It was quite the dog weekend with four pups in the cabin always underfoot…especially when there was activity in the kitchen.




We spent Monday morning playing darts and hanging out before starting the inevitable (and always hated) process of cleaning and packing to go home. Luckily the weather was pretty nice for the drive home, so we didn’t have to worry about bad road conditions.




It was fun to have a new reason to party at Happy Fish. As usual, it’s a special place for us all, and good times reigned supreme.




It doesn’t snow often in Southern Utah, and when it does it’s usually a dusting. On Saturday we got nailed with an arctic storm that dumped a lot of white fluffy flakes. It pretty much shut down the city since there are no snow plows or salt trucks to keep the roads clear. It caused a lot of hassles, but on Sunday the day was sunny and clear, and the snow was really amazing!















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not so desolate

A pretty big system moved through late last week and dumped a lot of fresh snow in the upper elevations. A high pressure immediately following the storm brought sunny skies and balmy temperatures. So, what better way to spend a Sunday than in the mountains?

Col, MPK, Shawn, Brandon and I headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon to snowshoe up the Mill D trail to Desolation Lake. Avalanche risks were extremely high in all the canyons over the weekend, but Mill D is a pretty safe trail and isn’t directly under any steep slopes. We expected the trail to be packed, as it’s one of the few without the avalanche risk, but were pleasantly surprised to be some of the only people heading out.

I didn’t take the GPS, so I have no idea the distance, and I didn’t really even pay attention to time, so I have no idea how long we were out. I’d say we spent about 3.5 hours round trip, although we went up at a very leisurely pace (we did get hand clapping once from MPK for apparently going off task and taking too long of a break). The trail starts out as a gradual climb, then levels out for a while in a nice ravine before reaching the trail fork. Heading left leads to Dog Lake, while right climbs to Desolation Lake. According to MPK either choice is about the same distance and intensity, but he lies a lot about distance and intensity, so I’m not sure that’s true. We took the right fork and make a moderately steady climb that culminates in a beautiful, flat meadow that I’m sure gets some nice wildflowers in the late summer.

We found a nice spot and made some snow-bowl chairs to relax for a snack. MPK was generous and shared the beer he brought with him, so we had quite the nice relaxation station going on.

One thing most of us forgot about was the reflection of the sun on the snow. While foreheads and scalps remained unscathed, a few of us ended up with bad sunburns on our chins and necks. It’s easy to forget the dangerous combination of a sunny day on snow can have some nasty effects!

After our break, we headed back down the mountain. We made really good time and passed a lot more people heading up the trail. It definitely pays off to get into the canyons early on the weekends to beat the crowds! We had a great beer and food fest at Porcupine Pub & Grille where I enjoyed their “world famous” chicken noodle soup.

Later, I realized we didn’t actually make it as far as the lake. I had never been, and MPK had only been once, and with all the snow covering everything it was hard to tell if we were on the lake. Turns out we were still about five minutes away from it. Oh well…at least there was beer.